Online Teaching Degree Programs

An online degree program in child development provides the training needed to foster positive outcomes in the lives of children. Earning a web-based degree in child development can put students on the right track to become effective worker within the child development field. Students will build up an extensive knowledge of the emotional, mental, and social growth and development of children, all without compromising the students already hectic agenda.

Is online tutoring right for my child?

Every child learns differently. Many students will thrive in an online learning environment. Should you decide to request additional information about NYCBaseJump programs, will help you determine if online learning is right for your child.

What grade levels does the NYCBaseJump program cover?

  • The math essentials program is designed for students in grades 3-8.
  • The academic reading program is designed for students in grades 4-9.
  • NYCBaseJump Online reading tutor online reading tutoring.

Are the online tutoring programs the same as a math tutor or reading tutor?

Although similar in many ways, the online reading and math tutoring programs are different that a private math tutor or reading tutor. With the added convenience of online tutoring, many students (and parents) feel less pressured. All of online tutors and instructors are dedicated to your child's mastery of skills and success. NYCBaseJump online tutoring programs can help your child succeed!

Is the academic reading program helpful for reading comprehension?

The academic reading program helps build reading comprehension skills. Students build lower level, literal comprehension skills and steadily progress to more complex interpretative skills. Reading becomes an active process as students learn to examine the thought processes they use while reading. NYCBaseJump math tutor and reading tutor programs

Is math tutoring available for the subjects of geometry and algebra?

Through their online math programs, students build a foundation for success in pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and other higher-level math courses.

How does the NYCBaseJump program reward my child's achievements?

Rewards in two ways - Verbal Praise & Reinforcement. Personal praise, encouragement, and reinforcement from our teachers continually promote your child's self-confidence and motivation. What time will my child have online instruction? NYCBaseJump's online math and reading programs are currently offered at convenient after-school hours and on Saturdays during the school year. During the summer months, NYCBaseJump offers extended morning and daytime hours, Monday through Saturday.

Reading comprehension, math geometry tutoring online

Will my child have the same instructor for every class? We tries hard to ensure consistency for every student. Since they offer convenient, flexible scheduling, however, it's not always possible for students to have the same instructor for each session. Every our teacher is friendly, highly qualified, and committed to your child's success.

NYCBaseJump technical requirements are easy.

Help your child by getting the reading or math tutoring they need! As a parent, how can I help or get involved with the tutoring process? As a parent, your involvement begins with the first inquiry for help. After the initial assessment and throughout your child's program, you will stay involved through scheduled teleconferences and frequent correspondence with staff.

What is NYCBaseJump's guarantee?

Our company is so confident in their online programs that they guarantee results. If your child scores a year or more below current grade level upon enrollment in NYCBaseJump, we guarantees your child will improve at least one full grade level equivalent in their Academic Reading or Math Essentials program after 36 hours of instruction, or we will provide 12 additional hours of instruction free.

The NYCBaseJump live online Math Essentials program

Teaches students in grades three through eight to master and apply fundamental, grade-appropriate math skills. Each personalized Math Essentials program is custom-built around your child's skill gaps and emphasizes the key components of math-skill development, including:

  1. Math Essentials Programs
  2. Online math tutoring
  3. Math Facts — Students practice and learn the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.
  4. Numeration — Students develop a sense of numbers, including place value, skip-counting, rounding and comparing numbers, as well as categories of numbers such as whole numbers, exponents, and irrationals.
  5. Computation— Once students have learned the basic math facts, they advance to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of multi-digit numbers, including long division.
  6. Fractions and Decimals— Students learn the representations of fractions and decimals, such as ratios,

Students then learn to compute, compare, and convert

Compute, compare, and convert one form into the other and do calculations upon numbers in these forms. -Integers Students understand the conceptual basis of positive and negative numbers, including absolute values, and learn to compute with them. -Algebraic Reasoning (Algebra) Students gain the reasoning skills that lead to success in algebra. These skills include patterns, charts, tables, graphs, and solving for missing values.

Online math tutoring online math help online math tutor

  • Measurement— Students learn exact and estimated measurement units. They learn to calculate with measured values, such as length, weight capacity, time and money.
  • Geometry — Students identify basic two and three-dimensional geometric shapes and their properties. At higher levels, students calculate missing measurements, area, surface, perimeter, and volume.
  • Probability and Statistics— Students discover the basic concepts of data, chance, and fairness. Then students evolve into formal probability, counting techniques, and statistical measures and graphs.
  • Problem Solving — Every NYCBaseJump math skill has problem solving lessons to teach students how to apply the math skills they've learned. In addition, students learn specific problem solving techniques and strategies.

With NYCBaseJump's digital writing tablet and wireless pen, each student is able to show all their work. The teacher can see the student's work simultaneously on the monitor, without the use of scratch paper or a calculator. Through the online math programs, students build a foundation for success in pre-algebra, algebra, and other higher-level math courses.