Megatron Has a Plan

Calvin Johnson touchdown controversy

Calvin Johnson was upset last week when his touchdown was called back.

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson had a touchdown last week against the Chicago Bears, except he didn’t.

If you haven’t seen the controversial touchdown play then you probably shouldn’t be on this website. Johnson (A.K.A Megatron) caught the ball in the endzone, got two feet down, had possession of the ball, and yet it wasn’t a touchdown. I don’t get it and I don’t even think the referees understand it. They just read the rulebook and go from there.

Anyways, if Johnson scores in week two, he’s hinted that he has a celebration planned. According to Johnson was asked if he was going to respond to the controversy in next Sunday’s game against the Eagles. This is what he had to say.

“I’ve thought about it. You’ll have to find out, though, if I get in the zone,” Johnson said Friday with a laugh.

I can’t wait to see what he has planned. Maybe he’ll pull a Paul Crewe and drill the referee in his sensitive area with the football. Nah, that’s too harsh. He could pretend to pull down his pants and moon the crowd…wait, never mind. Randy Moss already did that.

It’s impossible to predict what celebrations players are going to do in today’s game. Unless you’re Chad Ochocinco, he usually tweets about doing a celebration and then doesn’t follow up on it (burn).

Whatever he has planned, I hope it’s offensive to the NFL for having such a dumb rule. He needs to make a statement!

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