Replacing Finley

Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley broke fantasy football owners hearts on Sunday when he injured himself for a long period of time.

Hernandez will see most of the benefits of no Randy Moss in New England.

I’ve been hearing 8-10 weeks and I’ve also heard that he’s done for the season. The specifics don’t matter right now, what does matter is finding a replacement for him. I said it before last week and I’ll say it again, pick up Brandon Pettigrew of the Detroit Lions. I said that he’d be a good start against St. Louis and he didn’t disappoint. Pettigrew scored on a touchdown and was also tied with a team high in receptions for the game against the Rams. Had the score of been closer though, you probably would have seen the Lions pass more and Pettigrew would have had more receptions and yards.

This is insane but according to Yahoo! New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is only 55% owned. If he’s available in your league, PICK HIM UP! With Moss gone the Patriots are going to look at Hernandez more than they already have. I’m not exaggerating on this one, Hernandez will produce like a top 10 tight end this season, hands down. The Patriots have another rookie tight end Rob Gronkowski who will see some jump-ball situations in the end zone  but won’t be a huge factor in the passing game as a whole. Gronky could put up great numbers one week and then not do anything the next week.

Another player that should be available is Ben Watson of the Cleveland Browns. He’s currently leading the Browns team in receptions with 23 and with a rookie quarterback starting (Colt McCoy) he’s going to want to check down a lot. Look for Watson to be used more in the Browns offense. He only has one touchdown so far on the season so if you’re playing in a touchdown driven league Watson might not be for you, but you play PPR then consider Watson your replacement.

Again, another unbelievable player that is only 26% owned is Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Moeaki. Moeaki has everything you want in a fantasy football player, he’s got solid production and he’s consistent. He has two touchdowns on the year and is steadily growing chemistry with quarterback Matt Cassel. If Moeaki is available, then he would be a great fit for your Jermichael Finley woes.

If none of these players are available in your league then you can ask me who else you could pick up via twitter (@thecovertwo) or via email (

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