Upset Special: The Underdogs Come Through

Talk about an exciting day of NFL playoff football.

I came into today and my picks were the Saints and Jets. I had full confidence in my Saints pick and I just picked the Jets because I thought that they could pull off the upset. Even though I had the Jets winning the game, I still found myself surprised that they won the game. Maybe it’s just because the Seahawks won earlier and that meant both underdog teams won in one day. Either way, it was an incredible day of football with two close games that both came down to the wire.

Saints at Seahawks:

Many people, including myself, didn’t think that the Seahawks deserved to be in the playoffs. Well, they proved me, most analysts, and a lot of gamblers wrong today. The Seahawks went down 17-7 in the second quarter and that’s when I thought to myself – now this one’s over. Then the Seahawks went on a 27-3 scoring spree from the second quarter to the third quarter and I thought to myself, is this really happening?

Then the Saints scored 10 consecutive points and made it appear like they were making the comeback we all knew was coming. Then the Seahawks got the ball back and this happened.

Was that not the greatest run of all time? There were about eight broken tackles on that run, including the epic stiff-arm in the middle of it. That’s a run that you can watch 20 times in a row and still be amazed by it the 20th time you see it. The Saints scored a late touchdown with 1:52 remaining on the clock but they couldn’t recover the onside kick and the Seahawks just ran out the clock and pulled off a huge upset.

Hasselbeck had an impressive game throwing for 272 yards and four scores. Brandon Stokely shook off the cobwebs and had four receptions for 73 yards including a 45-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter. I doubt the Seahawks will win another game considering they play on the road most likely here on out, and they’re a much better team at home than they are on the road.

Jets at Indy:

The key to this game was a 10-minute drive by the Jets that started in the third quarter and finished in the fourth quarter. It was an 87-yard drive that led to LaDainian Tomlinson’s second touchdown run of the game. The Jets just ran the ball down the Colts throat and Indianapolis had no response to it.

The Colts were able to get into field goal range and of course Adam Vinatieri made a field goal that gave the Colts a two point lead with 1:43 left on the clock. But following that clutch kick, the Jets had a 47 yard kickoff return by Antonio Cromartie which put them in great starting field position. Then, Sanchez made a few key passes for a couple of first downs and instead of Vinitieri being the hero, Nick Folk made a 32 yard field goal as time expired to give the Jets the win.

It was the second great playoff game of the day and it’s going to be a hard act to follow for the playoff games on Sunday. First, the Ravens will travel to Kansas City (game starts at 1:00 EST) and then the Packers will travel to Philly (game starts at 4:30 EST).

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