Kicker/Punter Rankings

Below are the 2011 kicker/punter rankings for the NFL Draft.


1. Alex Henery-Nebraska

2. Dan Bailey-Oklahoma State

3. Kai Forbath-UCLA

4. Matt Bosher-Miami (Fla.)

5. Thomas Weber-Arizona State

6. Josh Jasper-LSU

7. Jake Rogers-Cincinnati

8. Adi Kunalic-Nebraska

9. Wes Byrum-Auburn

10. Kyle Brotzman-Boise State


1. Ryan Donahue-Iowa

2. Derek Epperson-Baylor

3. Chas Henry-Florida (K)

4. Reid Forrest-Washington State

  1. honestly i think that Brotzman is a little underranked. i’m not saying he’s the best kicker available, but he’s probably the most versatile(weird term for a kicker i know). He punts effectively, kicks are money 9 times of 10, and if his career numbers show anything he should be a solid kicker in the NFL for years to come. the Nevada Fiasco seems to have blinded most observers to the fact that he is the NCAA career record holder for most points by a kicker(439).
    2nd place is Neil Rackers with close to 430 or so. i think that Brotzman should be at about 6th or 7th, but thats my opinion.

    • Stephen, I understand where you’re coming from. Brotzman nailed a lot of points on an explosive offense. There’s a few things I look at with Kickers. One of them is accuracy from 40+. Brotzman was 6 for 13 from that range.

      Another would be overall accuracy. Brotzman had a 72.8% for his career. Compare that to the Top Kicker in this draft, Alex Henery, he nailed 92.5% of his kicks. Dan Bailey had a 79.2% and Kai Forbath had a 84.2%. Clearly, his overall accuracy is nothing special either.

      A key thing is the ability to be clutch. Kickers aren’t asked to do much in the NFL except make kicks, specifically when they get sent in in the 4th Quarter and their team needs them. Not only did Brotzman miss those two Field Goals against Boise, he also missed a 4th Quarter Field Goal against Virginia Tech when his team was down 27-26.

      I’m also a fan of Kickers who can do Kickoffs. Brotzman didn’t even rank in the Top 100 last year for Kickoffs in the nation and had 0 Touchbacks on 21 Kickoffs.

      As my rankings suggest, I’d rather take a chance on a Aid Kunalic, a guy who hasn’t even scored a point since he was a Freshman, because he has done Kickoffs and flashes a big leg. Either way, I only view the Top 4 Kickers as being worthy of drafting, and the only reason Bosher cracks a 7th Round Grade in my opinion is that he has been a solid Punter and Kickoff man at Miami as well. Always nice to have a versatile Kicker if your Punter goes down. Battle of field position is still important!

  2. Excuse me, Brotzman missed the two field goals against Nevada.

    And when I refereed to Brotzman not being Top 100 in Kickoffs, I meant Kickoff Average.

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