Linebacker Rankings

Below are the 2011 linebacker rankings for the NFL Draft. This includes both inside and outside linebackers.

Outside Linebackers

1. Von Miller-Texas A&M

2. Bruce Carter-North Carolina

3. Akeem Ayers-UCLA* (ILB)

4. Justin Houston-Georgia* (DE)

5. Mason Foster-Washington

6. K.J. Wright-Mississippi State

7. Chris Carter-Fresno State (DE)

8. Nate Irving-North Carolina State (ILB)

9. Dontay Moch-Nevada (DE)

10. Kenny Rowe-Oregon (DE)

11. Thomas Keiser-Stanford*

12. Quan Sturdivant-North Carolina (ILB)

13. Doug Hogue-Syracuse

14. Jeremiah Hunter-Iowa

15. Lawrence Wilson-Connecticut

16. Adrien Moten-Maryland

17. Colin McCarthy-Miami (Fla.) (ILB)

18. Ross Homan-Ohio State (ILB)

19. Brian Rolle-Ohio State

20. Eric Gordon-Michigan State

21. Chris Walker-Tennessee (DE)

22. J.T. Thomas-West Virginia

23. Craig Stevens-Auburn

24. Spencer Paysinger-Oregon

25. Jonas Mouton-Michigan (SS)

26. Brandon Peguese-Hampton

27. Quentin Davie-Northwestern (ILB)

28. A.J. Jones-Florida

29. Winston Venable-Boise State (SS)

30. Malcolm Smith-USC

31. Michael Morgan-USC

Inside Linebackers

1. Kelvin Sheppard-LSU (OLB)

2. Josh Bynes-Auburn

3. Martez Wilson-Illinois* (OLB)

4. Greg Jones-Michigan State (OLB)

5. Sandon Mark Herzlich-Boston College (OLB)

6. Mike Mohamed-California

7. Brad Jefferson-Georgia Tech

8. Mario Harvey-Marshall

9. Chris White-Mississippi State (OLB)

10. Nick Bellore-Central Michigan

11. Casey Matthews-Oregon

12. Elijah Joseph-Temple

13. Alex Wujciak-Maryland

14. Derrell Smith-Syracuse

15. Akeem Dent-Georgia (OLB)

16. Brian Duncan-Texas Tech

17. D.J. Smith-Appalachain State (OLB)

18. Greg Lloyd Jr.-Connecticut

19. Scott Lutrus-Connecticut

20. Orie Lemon-Oklahoma State

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  2. I’m glad to see that there’s someone else who likes Josh Bynes, he’s not getting the respect he deserves even though he was the second standout of that Auburn defense behind Nick Fairley this year. As for the other middle linebacker from the national championship game, in my opinion Matthews is much better than the five guys you rank from 6-10… he’s nothing like his brother, but he can be a very solid and steady 4-3 middle linebacker.

  3. I’m starting to grow a bit more on Casey. Was really interested in his workout because he seems limited athletically, but he got hurt benching. It’s pretty crowded in that 6-11 area and I’m going to have watch and re-watch more games before I’m officially settled. Casey’s instincts certainly are impressive, but as I previously said, he seems too limited athletically.

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