CBA Discussions to Possibly Get Two Week Extension

According to Yahoo! Sports Michael Silver, the CBA discussions could possibly get a one to two week extension.

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith has been very important in negotiation talks.

Silver reports that his sources told him if the NFL and NFLPA can agree to another extension, maybe one to two weeks, then a settlement could be made. The report also states that the extension would most likely be announced Friday night (that’s tonight!). That sounds all happy and positive, but if an extension is not made then, “It will be Armageddon,” as Silver’s source says.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that because it will truly be Armageddon. The Player’s union is ready to decertify themselves which will cause all sorts of chaos. Sure it’s a good move for them, but it is not a positive sign moving forward in negotiation talks.

If the union were to decertify themselves, there will be multiple lawsuits and all sorts of legal mumbo jumbo. Basically, the union and the owners will be too focused in the lawsuits to even care about getting a new CBA done. The lawsuits won’t help either side and it will just delay things even further.

Hopefully each side is smart enough to realize that they need to get a new deal done and they will get an extension. Albert Breer, a reporter for NFL Network, also said on his Twitter page that if the two sides could get an extension then a deal will be made.

My sense is that the pendelum has swung, union has its leverage, the owners are spooked by Doty, & the next extension could lead to a deal.

Let’s hope for the best, football fans.

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