Report: Chargers Interested in Steve Smith

Steve Smith could be San Diego bound.

Even though the NFL is in a lockout and absolutely no trading, free agency, or any player management of any sort can happen, there are still reports that the San Diego Chargers are interested in wide receiver Steve Smith (the Carolina Panthers version).

The San Diego Union-Tribune cited people with knowledge of the situation in reporting Friday that the team is monitoring the situation with Smith. Reportedly the Panthers want to get rid of the veteran receiver, who has two years and almost $15 million remaining on his contract.

Smith could be a great help to San Diego who missed out on the playoffs last season despite having the number one overall offense and defense. The Chargers have Vincent Jackson but when the NFL continues from their lockout, Jackson could test free agency and head somewhere else. If that happens then the Chargers start losing depth at the receiver position.

The Chargers were actually one of the few teams to make a player transaction before the lockout took place. After the Indianapolis Colts released Bob Sanders, the Chargers gave him a one-year contract. The Chargers are probably upset at missing the playoffs last season and they appear to making a lot of moves in order to get back to the post-season.

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