NFL Free Agent Signings and how They Impact Fantasy Football

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There has been a ton of free agent and trade activity over the past 2 days.  Some are critical to this year’s fantasy football season, some not so much.  The purpose of this column will be to dissect some of the more important transactions and how it can impact your draft this year.  Let’s keep in mind that none of these transaction are official until the players sign (right now it’s more like a verbal commitment) and anything can change from now until Friday.

Donovan McNabbQB (to Minnesota) –  Maybe we should have listed the Sidney Rice move first because his pending move to Seattle hurts McNabbs value now.  However, if it’s one thing McNabb knows how to do, its throw the deep ball.

He has some threats to work with if Percy Harvin can keep the migraines at bay. Running back Adrian Peterson will keep defenders honest and with some success in the play action, McNabb can provide some decent upside.  Here are some numbers to consider with McNabb. In 17 games against the NFC North (teams he will now see 2x/year) he is 12-5 with a 2.7:1 TD:INT ratio (27:10). He also gets at least half of his games inside. Prediction – 20 TDs, 3350 yards, 16 INTs.

Chris Johnson will get defenses attention, opening up the passing lanes.

Matt Hasselbeck - QB (to Tennessee) – Injuries always seem to be a concern with him.  However, he did start 14 games in each of the past two seasons, 7 in ’08 and 16 in ’07.  For being injury prone, he gets his games in.  Having him under center in Tennessee will only increase the holes for CJ2K.

Assuming they can restructure Chris Johnson’s contract, he will force teams to stuff 8 in the box which will open the passing lanes for Hasselbeck. He is a seasoned veteran, and can still pick defenses apart when given the time. Hasselbeck doesn’t have much of a deep ball and this hurts Nate Washington’s value, but I don’t see it having any effect on Britt.  Prediction – 16 TDs, 3100 yards, 14 INTs.

Sidney Rice and Tarvaris JacksonWR and QB (to Seattle) – Rice and Jackson are reunited under former Vikings OC Darrell Bevelle in Seattle.  Sounds good on paper for Rice but Jackson is not an NFL starter.  Seattle is surely out of the Kolb race after paying Rice so much, so it leads you to believe Jackson will open camp as #1.

Was Rice’s 8 TD season of 2 years ago a product of Favre or was Favre’s great season a product of Rice?  I believe the former is true.  Rice has only had 1 TD on the road in the past 2 years (although he missed most of the ’10 season).  Rice only has 3 dome games on the schedule this year which could be significant.  Stand clear of both players at your draft unless you can get some great value on Rice.  Predictions: Rice – 60 Rec, 860 yards, 5 Tds // Jackson – 10 TDs, 2200 yards, 15 INTs

More to come over the next few days…stay tuned

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