The Old Man’s Picks – AFC East Predictions

Buffalo Bills

The Bills finished last in the AFC East in 2010 with a 4 and 12 mark but, believe it or not, they were more competitive than their record shows. They lost 3 overtime games against teams that would make the playoffs and 3 other games by a touchdown or less. Their schedule this season is a bit easier at home.

Dates with Oakland, Denver, Miami, and Washington look favorable. However they have the Patriots and Jets twice, teams that thumped the Bills last season, and host the Eagles, who everyone seems to be giving the title to. It’s really hard to say they’ve done a lot to improve their team.

I don’t see the Bills challenging for anything but a draft pick next season. My prediction, Bills go 5-11.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins finished the season with a 7 and 9 mark. They made a lot of moves in free agency, but perhaps the biggest move they’re known for is the non-trade for quarterback Kyle Orton. Personally, I think this was a dumb move by the Dolphins.

Last season, the Dolphins went out and got Brandon Marshall. He had a phenomenal year in Denver the season before. Why? Because he and Kyle Orton connected. Bringing Orton to Miami would have been a major push to getting the Dolphins over the hump. Now, I don’t think so. Ronnie Brown’s was the master of the Wildcat.

He’s gone. The Dolphins feel they’ve offset his loss by bringing in Reggie Bush. Not sure if Bush is a durable enough back to run the Wildcat, but we’ll see. The Dolphins still lack the QB they need. I see the Dolphins going 5-11 this season.

The Patriots added a new addition to their offense with wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.

New England Patriots

The Patriots have made some noise in the free agent market. Most notably signing former Texan’s DE Mark Anderson. OK, a joke there. I think for me, the most fun will be to see how Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco will exist in harmony with Bill Belichick and the Patriot system.

My guess is they’ll behave because the Patriot way is a winning way and both players were on miserable teams last season. The Patriot schedule features two trips to the west coast during the season and tough dates against the Jets (twice), Colts, Chargers, Eagles, and Steelers.

The D is good enough to beat teams and of course Brady and company are always strong on offense. I see the Patriots finishing the season with an 13-3 mark taking the east.

New York Jets

The Jets, I believe, were in discussions with almost every free agent during the short free agency market. Perhaps the biggest move was not landing Nnamdi Asomugha. The Jets have brought in Plaxico Burress and Derrick Mason to help shore up the receiving corps.

I think the two of them easily will take the place of the departed Braylon Edwards. Keep in mind, this is a team that was in the AFC Championship game for the second time in two years. They really didn’t need to make a lot of moves, just smart ones. Did they? I don’t think they hurt themselves.

The Jets success largely rides upon Mark Sanchez and his ability to grow as a QB. His play reminds me of Kyle Orton and former QB Trent Dilfer. Go out and play smart, don’t lose the game. I think the Jets make the playoffs again. I see them going 11-5.

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