Denver Broncos Waive QB Kyle Orton

The Orton era in Denver is over.

In a very surprising move, the Denver Broncos have waived quarterback Kyle Orton according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Orton was the Broncos starter for the first five games of the season posting a 1-4 record. He was benched for second year quarterback Tim Tebow who has gone 4-1 after taking over for Orton.

There were rumors in the off-season that the Broncos might be able to trade Orton to a team like the Miami Dolphins but that never happened. The Broncos are probably wishing now that they would have made a deal.

The NFL trading deadline has already passed and Orton’s contract is over at the end of the year. I guess the Broncos feel confident enough in Tim Tebow to let him finish out the season as the starting quarterback.

Now, a team like the Houston Texans, Chicago Bears, or the Kansas City Chiefs can pick up Orton to help at their injured quarterback position. I will not be surprised if one of those teams claims him off of waivers.

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