Power Rankings: Week 10

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  1. Green Bay Packers (8-0): There’s now a discussion that Aaron Rodgers has evolved the quarterback position. The way he pilots this offense, with the Pack defense’s propensity to force turnovers, Green Bay looks unbeatable.
  2. San Francisco 49ers (7-1): Last year at this time, they were 2-6. Now, San Fran has a chance to clinch a playoff berth by Thanksgiving. Sprinkled in between their divisional matchups, though, they’ll be tested against the Giants, Ravens and Steelers.
  3. Baltimore Ravens (6-2): Perhaps the worst thing Lamar Woodley could have done was criticize Joe Flacco in the offseason. In two games this season, Flacco has thrown for 524 yards and four touchdowns, including the 26-yarder to Torrey Smith with eight ticks left to seal the Ravens’ sweep of the Steelers this year.

    Joe Flacco has thrown for 524 yards and four touchdowns against the Steeers this season, as the Ravens swept their division rival.

  4. New York Giants (6-2): Wouldn’t it be nice if Elite Manning could battle New England every Sunday? And Manning did so without the help of Hakeem Nicks and Ahmad Bradshaw, making a star out of the likes of Jake Ballard.
  5. New Orleans Saints (6-3): It was almost a given the Saints would bounce back after their horrific showing a week earlier in St. Louis. The ability to run the ball, rather than lean on Drew Brees to attempt 50 passes, makes the offense even more dangerous.
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3): At least Pittsburgh was more competitive this week. The Steelers we’re used to would never allow Joe Flacco to drive 92 yards and score, though.
  7. New England Patriots (5-3): Seriously, when do the Patriots lost two games in a row, especially in Foxborough? But aside from Tom Brady, is this just an average team?
  8. Detroit Lions (6-2): During their bye week, the Lions signed Leonard Davis to add depth to their offensive line and some running back insurance in Kevin Smith. For their sake, the off-week should allow Jahvid Best to get heathy.
  9. Houston Texans (6-3): Having two running backs that could top 100 yards in every game is a luxury. The combination of a powerful rushing attack and playing tough, stingy defense – this year’s Texans – is the formula for the Texans to be successful.
  10. New York Jets (5-3): Rex Ryan had two weeks to make adjustments with the Jets defense, and then they made Ryan Fitzpatrick look lost and Fred Jackson had his worst game of the defense. It’s going to a fun race in the AFC East.

    The Jets limited Buffalo to 11 points Sunday, creating a three-way tie atop the AFC East.

  11. Cincinnati Bengals (6-2): While the Ravens and Steelers clashed Sunday night, both teams aimed to earn a first-place tie…with Cincy. However, their wins are against opponents with an aggregate record of 16-33. Hosting an angry Steelers team will be a true test.
  12. Atlanta Falcons (5-3): The bye week allowed the Falcons offense to get healthy, and that included Julio Jones. The rookie wide receiver adds a whole other element to this offense, and that’s scary down the stretch in the ultra competitive NFC South.
  13. Buffalo Bills (5-3): The Bills lost to the Jets. The Jets lost to the Patriots. The Patriots lost to the Bills. Remind me, who’s the best team in this division?
  14. Dallas Cowboys (4-4): Sure, the Boys pulverized the Seahawks, but they lost wide receiver Miles Austin in the process. The schedule gets a lot easier from here on out, facing Buffalo, Washington, Miami and Arizona over the next month.
  15. Chicago Bears (4-4): The Bears made a primetime statement on Monday Night Football, reminding the league that this is still a viable team. The defense actually looked Bears-like, the first time it has in a while.
  16. San Diego Chargers (4-4): It’s astonishing the Chargers are still atop the AFC West despite a three-game losing streak. But with Kansas City getting tumbled at home and Oakland getting Tebow-ized, the Chargers are still the favorite to win the division.
  17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-4): Like with any .500 club, it’s hard to gage what kind of team the Bucs are. Off their bye, Josh Freeman attempts 37 passes against the Saints -defense, while LeGarrette Blount carries the ball 13 times. With no balance, it’s no wonder why this offense sputters so often.
  18. Tennessee Titans (4-4): Blowing a 10-point lead and getting shut out in the second half may loom large for Tennessee, as they now have to go on the road for three of their next four games to Carolina, Atlanta and Buffalo – no easy task for a team vying for a wildcard spot.
  19. Philadelphia Eagles (3-5): Just when we thought they had turned a corner, they’re stifled at home – classic Philly. Now, they’re playoff chances are slipping away, unless they can manage to make grounds on the five teams ahead of them in the wildcard race.

    The Bears may have destroyed the Eagles' playoff chances with a Monday night win in Philadelphia.

  20. Kansas City Chiefs (4-4): Sure, Kansas City, winners of four straight before laying an egg at home to the winless Miami Dolphins. It’s hard to consider the Chiefs contenders with performances like this, yet they are tied for the division lead.
  21. Oakland Raiders (4-4): After clinging to a 17-7 halftime lead, the Raiders allowed Tim Tebow to go all Tim Tebow on them in the second half. The Broncos quarterback led the team to 31 second-half points, through the air, on the ground and on special teams. As for Carson Palmer, threw two second-half picks, his sixth in six quarters.
  22. Carolina Panthers (2-6): The Panthers have a shot to three or four of their final eight contests. From 2-6 to potentially 5-11 – that’s not bad, Cam.
  23. Cleveland Browns (3-5): The organization wanted to evaluate Colt McCoy over the final eight games of the season to determine he’s the quarterback of the future of this team. This was not a good start.
  24. Washington Redskins (3-5): Still, John Beck can’t find a way to win an NFL game. But perhaps Mike Shanahan found his running back to build around in Roy Helu, who turned heads with a record performance as a receiver out of the backfield.
  25. Minnesota Vikings (2-6): I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually excited to see how Christian Ponder fares after the bye week. Once again, the Vikes face the Pack, after a close one the first time around.
  26. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6): With the postseason out of sight at this point, the motivation heading into Week 10: don’t be the team that gives the Colts their first win of the season.
  27. Denver Broncos (3-5): Tim Tebow retains his starting job, at least for another week. Offensive coordinator Mike McCoy tailored the offense to suit Tebow’s skill-set, which resulted in a 38-point outburst, their highest point total this season. Hail, Tebow.
  28. Seattle Seahawks (2-6): Pete Carroll has said he believes Tarvaris Jackson is going to be the franchise quarterback for the Seahawks, but you have to wonder if he is just downplaying the fact the Seahawks could be contenders in the Suck for Luck Sweepstakes.
  29. Arizona Cardinals (2-6): With all that hype about Kevin Kolb, everyone failed to realize that John Skelton is the quarterback of the future.

    After A.J. Feeley led the Rams past the Saints, Sam Bradford was unable to defeat the 1-win Cardinals, quarterbacked by John Skelton.

  30. St. Louis Rams (1-7): To dominate the Saints than fall to the John Skelton-led Cardinals in consecutive weeks – only in the NFC West.
  31. Miami Dolphins (1-7): It starts with one…it may end with one. How many more games will Matt Moore toss three touchdowns without a pick?
  32. Indianapolis Colts (0-9): An 0-9 record to begin the season, the worst since 1997, the last season the Colts played without some guy named Peyton Manning on their roster. Hey, it worked out pretty well from there.

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