Falcons CB Dunta Robinson on Jaguars receivers, “Those guys are [expletive] jokes”

The Jacksonville Jaguars were embarrassed on Thursday Night Football by the Atlanta Falcons after they lost 41-14 and afterwards Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson decided to put some salt in the wounds.

Robinson calls out the Jaguars receivers.

According to Charlie Bernstein, an analyst for ESPNFlorida, Robinson had this to say about the Jaguars receivers.

“Those guys couldn’t get a f***ing WR if it hit them in the head. They haven’t had anyone decent since Jimmy Smith. They had Matt Jones? Now, Chastin West? Those guys are f***ing jokes.”

Considering the Jaguars had Jarrett Dillard and Chastin West as their starting receivers, it’s safe to say that Robinson wasn’t too far out of bounds with his comments. However, is it really necessary to call them out like that?

After all, Robinson has been a disappointment at the corner position. He was abused by Panther’s receiver Steve Smith last week.

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