Terrell Owens has three touchdowns in IFL debut

Terrell Owens made his Indoor Football League debut last night with the Allen Wranglers catching three passes for three touchdowns and 53 yards.

After a year away from football, Owens joined the Allen Wranglers of the IFL so he could get back into the sport. It took Owens a while to get going. He was held catchless in the first quarter, but the first play of the second quarter was a touchdown.

Owens spoke about his debut game in the IFL.

“I thought I did all right,” Owens said according to ESPN. “I think we should have had more points on the board. From an overall team standpoint, we had too many penalties and obviously we have to do better in that department offensively and defensively.”

Owens, 38, is hoping that his play on the field in this league will help land him a contract in the NFL next season. He is currently second in NFL history in receiving yards (15,934), tied for second in receiving touchdowns (153) and sixth in catches (1,078).

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