The Old Man’s Picks – Super Bowl XLVI

If you follow the Old Man’s column, you’ll know that his post-season prognostication hasn’t been the best! I didn’t pick either of these teams to win last week, so follow my pick at your own risk!

Tom Brady and Eli Manning have both been Super Bowl MVP's and they face off again.

This year, the Super Bowl is being played in the city where I live. I’ve been to Super Bowl Village a couple of times, the NFL Experience, and attended Media Day on Tuesday. All I can say is if you get the chance to go, GO! I take my hat off to the city of Indianapolis as they have done a fantastic job with this event.

The NFL Experience attendance record will be shattered and the crowd has been under control. Again, kudos to the city of Indianapolis.

Now, on to the big game. Right now the Giants are the hottest team in the NFL. As I’ve said before, they truly remind me of the Packers last season, they got hot at the right time. They also benefited from a little luck. How many times does a punt returner give you a gift twice in one game? If the 49ers return man makes one catch, the Giants are at home watching this Sunday. I think this game will come down to a total team effort.

On offense, I think the teams are similar. Gronkowski and Hernandez are receivers disguised as tight ends. Wes Welker is the best slot receiver in the game, BenJarvus Green-Ellis has NEVER FUMBLED in his career, NEVER! And he is starting to run the ball with passion and authority. And Tom Brady? Well, he’s Tom Brady.

Also, keep an eye on Ochocinco this Sunday. Something tells me you might see something from him, just a gut feeling. The Giants have a solid receiving corps with Nicks, Cruz, and Manningham. They can run the ball with two bruising backs. Their tight ends make plays when the need to. Eli Manning said earlier in the year that he was an elite quarterback, and I agree. I see the offenses as being a push.

Defense and special teams is where this game will be decided. When it comes to the kicking game, I give a very slight edge to the Patriots simply because of Gostkowski, I think he has the better leg. When it comes to defense, the Giants have the edge.

The Giants are solid all around on the defensive side of the ball. The Pats are thin at DB and I look for the Giants to exploit that weakness all day long. That’s where they’ll win this game. It will be a good game and I look for the Giants to win 38 to 24.

To all who read this column, thank you. Have a great off season!

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