Peyton Manning signs with Denver Broncos, Tebow’s future in question

Peyton Manning has a new home.

Manning will be playing in Denver next season.

This is coming from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

The Denver Broncos have signed Manning as the legendary quarterback is playing somewhere other than Indianapolis.

The Colts released Manning in early March, which made him the one of the biggest names in NFL free agency history. The Broncos were the first team to get an interview with Manning and they were one of the favorite teams all throughout the process.

The Broncos are taking a chance on Manning. He’s undergone four neck procedures in a short period of time and nobody knows how effective he can be in an actual game. There was a video of him throwing the ball at Duke University, but that’s nothing like a real game situation.

The Broncos are also saying that quarterback Tim Tebow is not their guy. I don’t see any way Tebow and Manning stay on this team together. This means that Tebow will need to be traded somewhere else, which brings up the question, how valuable is he?

Tebow was able to bring the Broncos back from being one of the worst teams in 2011 and got them in the playoffs. Once they were there, Tebow helped the Broncos win a playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, he did have the worst completion percentage out of any starting quarterback and he doesn’t play a traditional style.

It should be interesting to see what happens with Tebow now that Manning is with the Broncos.

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