Brandon Weeden ‘gets the vibe’ Browns are interested in him

Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden is waiting to hear his name get called on draft day and he has an idea on a team that might select him.

Weeden spoke with the Cleveland Plain-Dealer about the possibility of being drafted by the Browns.

“You never how it’s going to go, but I feel really good about how everything’s gone with the Browns throughout this whole process. It would be exciting if I ended up there.”

He also talked about having to compete with the Browns current quarterback, Colt McCoy.

“I know Colt had a good year last year, and he’s a good football player,” Weeden said. “But I’m a competitor, and I want to play as soon as possible. I’d be excited about the opportunity to come in and compete with him and see how things pan out.”

The Browns have two picks in the first round, one with the fourth pick and one with the 22nd pick. It’s possible that the Browns could draft Weeden’s wide receiver from Oklahoma State Justin Blackmon at four and select Weeden with the 22nd pick.

Weeden is 6-3, 220 pounds and is 28 years old. He had an impressive season last year as he beat top quarterback prospects Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Ryan Tannehill in their respected matchups. He started his last two seasons and went 23-3 while throwing for 71 TDs and 26 interceptions.

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