Bears’ Johnny Knox could miss 2012 season

Chicago Bears receiver Johnny Knox is trying to recover from a fractured vertebra that he suffered in the 2011 season.

It's been five months since Knox suffered his injury.

In a December 18 game against the Seattle Seahawks, Knox had to be carted off the field after taking a hit from a defender. The hit required surgery, which took place the day after, to stabilize the vertebra.

After the Bears’ second OTA of the offseason, Knox addressed the reporters about possibly not playing this season.

“It could happen, but I’m staying optimistic,” Knox said. “My main focus is in that weight room. That’s all I’m focusing on. I’m not in a rush (to return), this is my spine, the core of my body that I’m dealing with. This is not my knee or my ankle or my shoulder…I’m taking my time on this.”

It’s unknown when Knox will be ready to practice again with the team. He hasn’t been medically cleared to resume practice.

“I really don’t know (when I’ll be able to practice),” Knox said. “They haven’t given me a timetable on that right now. I’ve been out here jogging a little bit just trying to get some muscle memory back, but as far as routes, I’m just working on the little things right now. That, and staying in my playbook.”

Knox said that he wants to be out there for the first week of the season, but so far nobody knows if that’s going to be a possibility.

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