NFL reigns supreme when it comes to sports viewing in 2012

It’s pretty well known that the NFL is the dominate profesional league when it comes to sports, but the guys over at Sports Media Watch compiled a list of the 50 most-viewed sporting events in 2012 and they confirmed just how dominate the NFL is.

The top 12 sporting events watched in 2012 were all NFL. If you go a bit further, the top 16 events were all NFL with the exception of the two college championship games in football and basketball. Even three of the regular season games that were played on January first had more views than any of the NBA Finals games.

Also, for as much criticism as the Pro Bowl receives, it was getting views comprable to the Eastern Conference Finals between the Heat and Celtics.

Obviously the top sporting event watched was the Super Bowl. It drew in a U.S. television record 111.346 million viewers.

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