Randy Moss is Niners best receiver according to Harbaugh

It was unclear what type of impact veteran receiver Randy Moss would have with the Niners when he signed with the team in March, but now it’s becoming clear that he will have a big role.

Moss should have a good season with the 49ers.

On Rich Gannon’s Sirius XM show, he had some high praise for Moss, which came from head coach Jim Harbaugh. Gannon said Harbaugh told him, “This offseason he’s been incredible. He’s our best receiver right now.”

The rest of the show talks about how Moss has also helped the other receivers in the group to pay attention in meetings.

“At the end of the meeting, Randy turned to Jim Harbaugh and said, ‘Coach, what do you want me to do, what can I do for you?’ And Jim looked at him and said, ‘For starters I’d like you to sit in the front row of my meetings.’

“He said by doing that it’s brought guys like Crabtree, who’d hang out in the back, and some of these other young guys, now they’re sitting up front with Randy Moss. They don’t have the hoodies on anymore. They’re alert. They’re paying attention. Randy’s taking notes.”

It sounds like Moss will be focused this season during his one-year contract with the Niners.

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