Report: Patriots tell Gronkowski to cool off

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has been everywhere this summer.

Gronkowski isn't one to shy away from the spotlight.

The “Summer of Gronk” may only refer to this year’s summer months, but the 23-year-old tight end has been making headlines for off-field actions before this summer. It started in the 2011 season when he took a topless picture of himself with a porn star. He followed that up by dancing topless after the Patriot’s Super Bowl loss (something former Patriot Rodney Harrison wasn’t happy about).

Then the true “Summer of Gronk” began. He made an appearance on the TV show “The Choice,” had some strange comments about Tim Tebow, participated in a Home Run Derby championship at the Triple-A All-Star game, and he recently participated in ESPN The Magazine’s body issue.

Some of those events are family friendly and others have been topic for debate, but there’s no denying that Gronkowski has been in the spotlight this summer. His fun summer, however, appears to be coming to an end. According to Shalise Young of the Boston Globe, the Patriots told Gronk to cool off.

After posing nude for ESPN The Magazine’s “Body Issue” and partying at events for the issue and the ESPYs (Gronkowski was up for two awards but was shut out), and co-hosting “Access Hollywood Live” in recent days — things that seem un-Patriot-like — don’t be surprised if he lays low for the next couple of weeks.

Via a league source, Gronkowski has been told by the team that his summer of Gronk, so to speak, is over.

So much for having fun. I understand the Patriots have this standard that they want to uphold, but telling one of your players to stop making appearances places seems like a bit much. It’s better that he’s making headlines for being in a body issue than being arrested.

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