Adrian Peterson anxious to start practicing

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is aiming to start week one, but he hasn’t even hit the practice field yet.

After a devastating knee injury at the end of last season, Peterson has been on a fierce rehab routine so that he can get back and play this season. He hopes that his rehab will include getting on the practice field soon.

“I’m looking forward to being out here pretty soon. I’ve been out for like two weeks, and it’s time to get going,”  Peterson said, via The Associated Press. “I know that they understand that, and they’ve been watching and they’ve been getting good feedback. So I’m sure they are pretty much as excited as I am.”

Peterson is one of, if not the, best running backs in the NFL today. It would be good for all of football if the Vikings rusher could get back on the field sooner rather than later (healthy, of course).

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