Carson Palmer says there’s not enough room for Chad Johnson on Raiders

Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson were one of the top passing combos in the NFL since from 2004 to 2007, Johnson averaged almost 1,400 yards a season with Palmer throwing him the ball.

Now, Palmer has a job with the Raiders and Johnson just lost his job on the Dolphins, so why not reconnect them? Palmer says it’s because the Raiders are already talented enough at the receiver position.

“I had a great time playing with Chad. I had no issues with him at all. He’d be a great add for any team but we’ve got young guys that are just coming along,” Palmer told Comcast SportsNet California, via its Bay Area affiliate. “I mean Denarius will be back any day. Jacoby’s deal is not that bad. So we’re not going to give up on any of those guys. They’re too good of players and young.”

Palmer’s right. While they may not have much experience, the Raiders receivers are a very talented young group who are starting to find their way. They even have a pair of nice young rookies in Juron Criner and Rod Streater.

The Raiders are just one of several teams that either don’t need Johnson or aren’t interested in him and his distractions. If all else fails, Johnson can stay true to his word and get a job in the porn industry.

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