Chad Johnson’s release on camera for Hard Knocks

Last night HBO aired their second episode of this season’s Hard Knocks.

It was a highly anticipated episode since it would cover the release of high profile receiver Chad Johnson. After Johnson’s weekend arrest, the Dolphins released the former Pro Bowl receiver and the NFL Films crew was there to capture the moment Joe Philbin told him he wouldn’t be on the team anymore.

It was a tough moment to watch since the release came at a real low point in Johnson’s life. He was just arrested, had his show cancelled and now has to get released in front of people on a tv show. A day later his wife would file for divorce.

Philbin told Johnson that the reason for the release wasn’t just because of the arrest. He kind of danced around by saying, “It’s where we are as a program, and where you are, and where we’re headed. I just don’t see the mesh right now.” The vibe you get from watching it is that the Dolphins told Johnson ahead of time what the rules were and he simply did not follow them.

It’s hard to predict what the future for Johnson is right now. The Dolphins were one of the few teams, maybe the only team, that was still willing to take a chance on the aging receiver. After his down year in New England and his arrest with Miami, it’s hard to see a team that would still bring him in.

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