David Garrard the early favorite for starting QB job in Miami

The Miami Dolphins have a competition at quarterback between veteran David Garrard, incumbent Matt Moore and rookie Ryan Tannehill.

According to SI’s Peter King, the current frontrunner of that competition is Garrard.

“He was terrific consistently through practice, hitting a bomb to promising free agent Roberto Wallace down the right side, throwing well on the run across his body, and, in general, looking extremely comfortable in a West Coast offense, which is new for him.”

King also added that he thought Garrard’s practice was better than that of Denver’s Peyton Manning. Maybe King just went on a good day.

Either way, it appears Garrard will be starting for the Dolphins this season. Many beat writers have been leaning towards that being the case and it’s only getting more evident as training camp progresses.

If the Dolphins struggle throughout the season, we might get to see a little bit of Tannehill like the Bucs did with Josh Freeman during his rookie year. He won’t begin as the starter, but the team may want to get their first round pick on the field to give him some game-time experience.

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