Fantasy Football: QB Tiers

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QB Tiers

Rankings are updated daily.

The rankings I wrote are meant to be a supplemental tool for your draft. They rank the players based on how I think they will perform and how I would have them ranked if I ran a league website.  While the top 10 is how I would draft the players, the further down you go, the more different than your stock rankings it will be. For some positions, especially TE and QB, my tiers look nothing like stock rankings. If you choose to use my rankings, know your website’s rankings and where players are generally being drafted on that website. If a player in my tiers is ranked substantially lower than your stock rankings, it means these are players I would avoid. If a player is ranked substantially higher, these are players I am targeting. If you don’t use adjunct rankings (sources outside of where your league is set up) properly, it will cause you to misfire during your draft and take players higher than they could be taken, missing on value. It requires a good deal of mock drafting and knowledge of your websites rankings to properly utilize supplemental sources properly.
Remember, let the draft fall to you, some players you will have to reach for and others you won’t. After round 9-10 I draft for upside/talent and my rankings, especially lower tiers, reflect that. For tight ends, I just flat out ranked them as I saw fit, since you should be at about round 5 TE6. I generally try to wait till later rounds for them, remember that when you wonder why I love Kyle Rudolph and have him ranked in the top 10. I’ll go over him more in my sleepers.  My sleepers are highlighted in bold.
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1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Tom Brady
3. Drew Brees

4. Matthew Stafford
5. Cam Newton
6. Matt Ryan
7. Eli Manning
8. Tony Romo
9. Michael Vick
10. Joe Flacco
11. Jay Cutler

12. Phillip Rivers
13. Peyton Manning
14. Ben Roethlisberger
15. Matt Schaub
16. Alex Smith
17. Christian Ponder
18. Sam Bradford
19. Andy Dalton
20. Carson Palmer
21. Ryan Fitzpatrick
22. Josh Freeman

23. Blaine Gabbert (Super Sleeper)
24. Jake Locker (projected starter)
25. Robert Griffin III
26. Andrew Luck
27. Mark Sanchez
28. Matt Flynn
29. Matt Cassel
30. Brandon Weeden
31. Kevin Kolb (projected starter)
32. Ryan Tannehill (projected starter)

33. Tim Tebow
34. John Skelton (super sleeper)
35. Matt Moore
36. Kyle Orton
37. T.J. Yates


Tony Romo: I would love to rank Tony Romo higher being the Dallas Cowboys homer that I am, I just can’t.  It isn’t because he lacks targets; Austin, Witten and Bryant make up one of the better receiving corps in the league.  It isn’t even because Miles Austin has two bad hamstrings.  I ranked him so low because I fear for his life.  The middle of the offensive line in Big D is a disaster.  Phil Costa, already a below average center, has missed nearly the entire offseason.  His two backups are also injured.  Nagy was just released by the boys after ankle surgery.  The guy currently snapping him the ball during OTA’s and preseason games has never played center.  I only ranked him so low because the risk of him taking a big hit is as high as it’s ever been.

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