Fantasy Football: The Cover Two 2012 Draft Guide

The first ever edition of The Cover Two Fantasy Football Draft Guide is here.

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I’ve been a hardcore football fan and a writer for years now, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I decided to create a football website. I figured it would be something small that I do. It would act as a sample of my writing and that would be it.

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I started in May 2010 and considering I had no previous writing experience at any other major network, my web traffic numbers were low. They increased slightly throughout the year, but nothing substantial. That quickly changed in 2011.

In 2011 The Cover Two increased in popularity. I was able to hire a few writers to help out with the site and provide additional content. We ended 2011 with over a quarter of a million views. Suddenly my old highs were becoming my new lows. Now, in our third year we are releasing our first ever fantasy football draft guide. Inside you will find many different articles and lists to help you with your fantasy drafts, such as:

  • Team Pages
  • Rookie Reports
  • ADP info
  • Draft Strategies
  • Rankings

I’ve had the pleasure of working with my writing staff (Sam Spiegelman, Joshua Gleason and James Rustler) in order to get this accomplished. Inside the rest of this draft guide you will find great content throughout. There are team pages, positional rankings and many helpful tips to help you win your fantasy football championship. We release it now because while football may be a year-round sport, the off-season gets kind of dull after a while. After free agency and the draft it is just players getting arrested. The best time of the year is right now. Training camps are going on, players are fighting for roster spots and every team is undefeated. The Giants won the Super Bowl last year, but that doesn’t mean anything now. It’s a clean slate.

For someone like me, there’s an added element of fun. It’s the beginning of the fantasy football season. It’s the game within a game, a football inception if you will. Fantasy football makes you pay attention to games that you wouldn’t normally want to pay attention to.

Now you can enjoy this moment with us as you read through our content and prepare for your fantasy football drafts.

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