Report: Colts agree to trade with Dolphins for CB Vontae Davis

Jim Irsay has been busy tweeting away this week about a trade and now we have a report from FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer that the trade is for Miami Dolphins CB Vontae Davis.

Glazer is reporting that the deal is not finalized yet, but it is agreed upon. The Colts will give up a second round pick to acquire the cornerback.

Davis is a first round pick by the Dolphins in 2009 and has had a nice career so far. In his three seasons with the team he’s had 132 tackles and nine interceptions, including one for a touchdown.

Davis is only 24 years old, so the Colts are getting a fairly young player in this deal. It’s a good trade for both sides. Indianapolis gets a young, physical cornerback (a position they needed) and the Dolphins get another draft pick to help rebuild the team. They now have two second and two third round picks in next year’s NFL Draft.

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