The Old Man’s Picks Week Six

The Old Man’s picks were so bad this season, kind of like “The Mob Doctor,” so the owner of The Cover Two put me on hiatus for a couple of weeks! I could tell you all that I was perfect for the two weeks I was off, but of course that would be a lie. I only missed one! Okay, back and ready for week six. Again, all games are picked straight up and are for entertainment purposes only!

Pittsburgh Steelers (-6) at Tennessee Titans – Thursday Night

The Old Man’s fantasy team has been about as potent as his picks this season. At least I’ve won one game! The Old Man picked up the Steeler defense, and I think this Thursday they’ll help propel me to my second victory. The defense has to be ready for that powerful Titan rushing attack. Hold on, my phones ringing. What’s that? He’s still not CJ2K? He’s CJBackwardsK? Got it. Take the Steelers on the road.

Cincinnati Bengals (-1) at Cleveland Browns

It’s the battle for Ohio, for the second time in six weeks! The last time these teams met the Bengals escaped at home with a 7 point win. This game is literally a toss up. I’m going to go with the Bengals because I think they’re playing better on both sides of the ball than Cleveland is. It should be another close game and if the Browns were to win, I wouldn’t be too surprised, but I’m taking the Bengals on the road.

Indianapolis Colts (+3) at New York Jets

The Old Man attended the Colts/Packers game last Sunday and it was a great game. One of the best games I’ve attended. As most of you know, Colts coach Chuck Pagano is battling leukemia. Pagano is a great coach but a better man. The Jets? I think they’re fortunate the Colts are coming off a big, emotional win and will not have Robert Mathis or Donald Brown this week. I originally was going to go with the Colts, but they’re too banged up. Take the Jets at home.

Kansas City Chiefs (+4) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs have been a disappointment this season. I really thought they’d be in contention for the AFC South or, worse case, the wild card. Not if they keep playing like they have been. For the Chiefs, last week Matt Cassel took a heckuva a shot last week and KC fans actually cheered. Way to keep it classy KC. Who do they get? Brady Quinn. No brainer here. The Bucs are at home, coming off a bye, and taking on a team with Brady Quinn at the helm. Take the Bucs at home.

Oakland Raiders (+9) at Atlanta Falcons

The Old Man is thinking that Carson Palmer should have stayed on retirement beach with his black socks and sandals and put more focus on his shuffleboard career. Palmer is not the same QB he was when he was with the Bengals. On the flip side, Matt Ryan is phenomenal. The Falcons are one of the best three teams in the league right now and they’ll stay perfect after this weekend. Take the Falcons at home.

Dallas Cowboys (+3.5) at Baltimore Ravens

The Cowboys are looking more and more like the Cowgirls! What is up with this team. They have the players, they just make the wrong plays! I know a lot of people are pointing the finger at Romo and I agree somewhat. But a QB throws a ball to an area in certain instances and when the receiver doesn’t make that adjustment, bad things will happen. And when the same receiver drops a ball or tow, it adds up to disaster. The Ravens D is going to study the Bears film and do some of the same things the Bears did, and they’ll get to Romo and win this one. Ravens are due to put up some points and they’ll pummel the Cowboys Sunday.

Detroit Lions (+3.5) at Philadelphia Eagles

If you listen to some, you’d think the Eagles were winless this season. True, they  haven’t been playing their best ball, but they’ve manage to get a 3 and 2 record playing the way they have. This is not a good sign to the rest of the NFL. If the Eagles get it together, watch out. The Lions? Good question. I, like many, thought they’d be challenging for the NFC title this year. If they keep this up, they’ll end up with a high draft pick and the old “wait till next year” chant will begin. I’m going with the Eagles in this one. As a personal note, RIP Alex Karras. He was a great player and ambassador for the sport.

Saint Louis Rams (+3.5) at Miami Dolphins

The Old Man has been impressed with both of these teams. At the beginning of the year, I actually thought the Dolphins had a good chance to end up winless this season. Kudos to them for getting it together and playing team football. The Rams are another one of those teams that can beat anyone on any given day. Jeff Fisher has them believing and I think they’ll be competitive in this one, but not enough. Take the Dolphins at home.

New England Patriots (-3.5) at Seattle Seahawks

This will be a very hard hitting football game. Look for Tom Brady to hit the deck more than once Sunday afternoon. I’m not  a Pete Carrol fan but he does have the Seahawks playing solid football. They beat the Pack with a miracle call but this time they’ll beat the Pats flat out UPSET! Take the Seahawks at home.

Buffalo Bills (+4.5) at Arizona Cardinals

Kevin Colb did his best Jay Cutler imitation last week against the Rams. The Cards offensive line has something to prove and I think they’ll do better against the Bills. Buffalo is the same team they’ve been for years. They’ll either blow you out or blow up the score and let you come back to beat them. This is a tough one because I’m still not on the Cards bandwagon, but I think the Cards D will be the difference. Cards win.

Minnesota Vikings (+2) at Washington Redskins

The Vikings are 4 and 1 and playing against a team that hasn’t won a home game in forever, and the Vikings are the underdogs? Hmmmm. What gives? The Vikings are another team that many are waiting for the bubble to burst. I think it does this Sunday. RG3 and company will have just enough in the tank to pull off the win. Another home team takes the game.

New York Giants (+6) at San Francisco 49ers

The Giants go to 49er country at less than full strength. The 49ers want to avenge last years NFC Championship loss and I think they’ll do so. Look for the 49ers to have a little extra this Sunday. This will be a good one and the 49ers will win.

Green Bay Packers (+3.5) at Houston Texans – Sunday Night

Who would have thought the Packers would need to win in week six to claw back to .500? Certainly not me. As mentioned earlier, I attended the Packers game last week. They looked like a team that was lost. Wins aren’t coming as easy this season and they haven’t figured out to win the close one. Houston is undefeated, at home, and jacked up to play the Packers. Look for a big day from the Texans as the Pack fall to 2 and 4.

Denver Broncos (-1) at San Diego Chargers – Monday Night

It’s another prime time game for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. I’m not sure how many Sunday afternoon games the Broncos will have, but I’m guessing not many. This is a great Monday Night match up. Philip Rivers has had a history of getting the upper hand against Manning led teams, and I think that continues on Monday. The Chargers bounce back from their loss to the Saints and take the early lead in the AFC West.

That’s it for this week. Take it to the bank!

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